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Welcome to NPMS

Welcome to North Plainfield Middle School 

Dr. Lennox Small, Principal

Mr. Edison Torres, Vice Principal

Announcement - School Closed - May 31, 2016 

The North Plainfield School District was left with one unused snow day this year. 

The Board of Education has approved that this day will be applied to

May 31, 2016, extending that holiday recess by one day.   

  North Plainfield Middle School Presents Spring Play
The North Plainfield Middle School will present “Small Actors” on
Friday, May 6th and Saturday the 7th at 7:30 pm in the auditorium.
The theme is “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to 
deceive.” The plot centers on Emily who has auditioned for her school’s
production of Shakespeare’s  “Romeo and Juliet.”
She garners a small part with one line.
When she comes home from school she is confronted by her parents who have 
received a less than good report regarding her grades. Emily counters by telling them 
she got the lead role of Juliet in the play, knowing her mother would be pleased 
because she performed the role of Juliet when she was in school. Emily feels safe 
in giving this news knowing her parents are scheduled to be away the week of the 
play. However, her parents are so thrilled with the news, they cancel their plans 
and invite family, friends and neighbors to attend opening 
night. What happens next…you will have to come and see. Tickets are only $2 and 
the play is less than one hour long. 
The event is sponsored by the North Plainfield Education Foundation.
 Gerry Cooney, heavyweight boxer, came to visit NPMS.

Gerry Cooney Gerry Cooney Autograph- Gerry Cooney 

 Gerry Cooney and Students Gerry Cooney 

 Mrs. Sapega's and Ms. Ryans Classes
The Civil Rights Movement: A Documentary 
 John Connelly
Freedom by John Donnelly 
PTO Meeting: April 11, 2016 
Core Values of the North Plainfield Schools
Caring, Appreciation, Respect, Determination

Principal's Message

Principal's Message
Dear Parents/Guardians, Students and Community Members:

 In 1953 the late Kwame Nkrumah, after completing his education in England and the United States, returned to his native Ghana to head an independence movement.  He coined that movement “The motion of destiny.”  It was a period of intense excitement coupled with anxiety as a new nation was born.  The events that took place during that time period mirror our lives today.  This is an exciting period in our political, educational, and global arenas.  As we enter the 2015-2016 school year, we are ready to proceed in full motion.  These historical events are also manifested in the present changes and events in the North Plainfield Public Schools and the new North Plainfield Middle School.  As you may be aware, I was recently appointed to serve as Principal of North Plainfield Middle School.


It is with the utmost enthusiasm and humility that I accept this honored role and obligation to serve the children and community of North Plainfield Middle School and the North Plainfield Public School System.  During my teaching and administrative experiences, I have had the opportunity to serve in various settings.  One of the most memorable experiences during my professional journey was when I served as a teacher in a middle school.  This experience allowed me to see firsthand the major transformations that take place when middle school students are afforded the opportunity to be entrenched in an environment where rigor, nurture, and innovative pedagogy are the norm.


As we are now on the eve of a new school year, I know that you may have many anxieties concerning the new venture which you are about to partake.  Those anxieties are perfectly normal and you need not to be too overly concerned; they are the typical concerns of students and families throughout the country.  However, be mindful that your entrance into North Plainfield Middle School next month will serve as one of the most important chapters in your life.  We as a school community will do all we can to ensure that you “maximize your potential.”


There are several key ingredients that you must possess and constantly utilize in order to have a productive and successful school year.  These ingredients include punctuality to school and class, making responsible and mature decisions both socially and academically, attaining and maintaining good grades.  In addition, the North Plainfield Middle School community offers a variety of extracurricular activities to whet your intellectual and athletic appetites.  Reinforce and take the opportunity to try new programs and be an active member of your school.    



Collaboration will continue to be the mantra that we embrace.  It is the primary means that will bring forth success to all stakeholders in the educational process.  When parents, students, faculty, and community members are aligned with a common denominator, success and achievement are inevitable.  This is a formula that I utilize daily and it will continue to be the umbrella that covers North Plainfield Middle School.


I would also like to announce the other new members of the North Plainfield Middle School Family: Christine Galliano, English; Morgan Beach, Literacy; Thomas Bailey, Special Education; Soyoun Ouh, ESL; and Krista Daniskas, Special Education.


I look forward to meeting and working with each of you throughout the school year.  Enjoy the remainder of your summer and welcome to your “motion of destiny.”



 Lennox H.  Small Ed.D.



“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle


    Congratulations to Mrs. Susan Pellegrino for being named North Plainfield Middle School Teacher of the Year 2015-2016. 
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