North Plainfield High School

34 Wilson Avenue North Plainfield, New Jersey 07060


                                             to Mr. Moody's website Week of 3/6/17 - 3/10/17
Per.1 Chemistry  with Dr. Schwab:  Converting between Moles, molecules and mass.             Dr. Schwab's webpage  LINKS:
Per.2 Algebra 1    with Mrs. Cruz:   Finding the equation of a line using 2 points from a graph.  Calculating slope and y-intercept to create an equation in slope-intercept form.  Getting into point slope form to create an equation.          Mrs. Cruz's webpage   LINKS:    
Per.3 & 7 Chemistry   with Mrs. Dasgupta:  Converting between Moles, molecules and mass .       Mrs. Dasgupta's webpage LINKS: 
Per. 4 Chemistry with Mr. Patrick:    Converting between Moles, molecules and mass.              Mr. Patrick's webpage  LINKS:  
Per. 9 Geometry with Mrs. Rosario:  Exploring similar triangles and using corresponding parts to calculate angles and sides.              Mrs. Rosario's webpage>>>   LINKS:     Writing rubrics:     High School writing rubric   PARCC literacy rubric *There is an ongoing grade calculation available on the Genesis grading system. Any questions?  email me at