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Week of 4/21/14 - 4/25/14
4th M.P. begins this week
Per.1 and per. 9  Geometry   Mrs. Krause:  Dilations.  
Mrs. Krause's webpage>>> http://www.nplainfield.org//Domain/423     

Per.2   Biology   Mrs. Rowe:   DNA, genetics and heredity.                         
Mrs. Rowe's website
>>>  http://www.nplainfield.org//Domain/409                       
 LINKS:  http://www.neok12.com/        http://www.engagingscience.org/games/onlinegames/games.html
Per.3   Chemistry    Mr. Patrick:  Chapter 6.  Interpretation of the Periodic Table.  Cations, anions.   
Mr. Patrick's webpage>>> http://www.nplainfield.org//Domain/405
Per. 5  Geometry    Mrs. Thompson:   Recognizing characteristics of quadrilaterals and methods to find missing angles and sides.   
Mrs. Thompson's webpage>>> http://www.nplainfield.org//Domain/461
Per. 6    Alebra 1 Knowledge    Mrs. Cruz: Determining uses for slope-intercept form versus standard form and finding s and y-intercepts while graphing.  
Mrs. Cruz's webpage>>>   http://www.nplainfield.org//Domain/428
Grading policy: 
10 % Homework

10% Participation

40% Summative Assessments (Tests, Quizzes, Performance Assessments)

40% Formative Assessments (short quizzes, activities, labs)
Writing rubrics:     High School writing rubric
*There is an ongoing grade calculation available on the Genesis grading system.

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