to Mr. Moody's website Week of 11/23/15-11/25/15 
Per.1 Algebra 2  with Mr. Rasaq:  Continuing with linear equations.        
Mr. Rasaq's webpage>>> http://www.nplainfield.org/Domain/440  
LINKS:  http://www.aaamath.com/http://www.mathplayground.com/http://www.coolmath.com/
Per.3 Algebra 1    with Mrs. Cruz:   Solving two-step equations.  Discovering what literal equations are and exploring.                            
Mrs. Cruz's webpage>>>  http://www.nplainfield.org/Domain/428                  
LINKS:   http://www.aaamath.com/http://www.mathplayground.com/http://www.coolmath.com/
Per.5 Geometry   with Mrs. Krause:    Constructing using points lines planes and arcs.    
Mrs. Krause's webpage>>>  http://www.nplainfield.org/Domain/423    
Per. 6 Algebra 1 Knowledge  with Mrs. Cruz:   Identifying different types of functions as they relate to their graphs.  Exponential, quadratic etc.       Mrs. Cruz's webpage>>> http://www.nplainfield.org/Domain/428 
Per. 7 Algebra 2   with Mrs. Luu:  Linear functions.    
Mrs. Luu's webpage>>>   http://www.nplainfield.org/Domain/460  
Per. 9 Chemistry  with Mr. Dellafortuna:  States of matter.  Properties of each state of matter.    
Mr. Dellafortuna's webpage>>>http://www.nplainfield.org/Domain/999 LINKS:http://www.neok12.com/http://www.engagingscience.org/games/onlinegames/games.html
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