Welcome to
     Stony Brook School
                 269 Grove St.
      North Plainfield, NJ 07060


At Stony Brook School, our mission is to live, learn and grow together appreciating and respecting our culturally rich backgrounds and understanding the importance of serving our community. Stony Brook School is a K-4th grade school with a comprehensive academic program. Our instruction is aligned with the Common Core Curriculum Standards. The curriculum offers our students reading/language arts, mathematics, social studies, world language and science curricula which emphasizes reading and writing fluency as well as technology. All subjects are integrated into the content areas of art, music, physical education, health and library skills.
Core Values of the North Plainfield Schools 
    Caring     Appreciation     Respect     Determination  
Box Tops for Education
With every label you send in, Stony Brook is able to earn points,
which can be used to purchase educational materials



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