NPHS/MS Databases


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GROLIER SUITE                                  
                                           The New Book of Knowledge
                                            Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
                                            Encyclopedia Americana
                                            Amazing Animals of the World 
                                            The New Book of Popular Science
                                            America the Beautiful 
                                            Lands and People 
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                                             (same id and password used in school for all other databases)

FACTS ON FILE                                   

                                Ferguson's Career Guidance Center
                                World Geography & Culture Online
                                African-American History Online
                                American History Online
                                American Indian History Online
                                American Women's History Online
                                Ancient and Medieval History Online
                                Modern World History Online
                                Bloom's Literature
                                Health Reference Center
                                Curriculum Resource Center
                                The World Almanac for Kids
                                Science Online 





GROVE ART ONLINE                       




GROVE MUSIC                                  








SIRS RESEARCHER                          

















GALE-E BOOK                                     

REFERENCE COLLECTION                       reference e-books


Shakespeare collection