North Plainfield School District

33 Mountain Ave., North Plainfield, NJ 07060


North Plainfield Goals/Objectives 2016 - 2017

District Goal 1

To continue to improve upon the level of educational excellence for everyone.


  • Expand the district focus upon reading/literacy

  • Expand upon the coaching model as a professional learning experience and increase teacher leadership opportunities

  • Continue the curriculum review process

  • Increase student attendance

  • Increase support for data driven decision making

  • Continue and refine classroom visits

  • Expand upon college and career readiness opportunities

District Goal 2

To continue to incorporate technology into the educational process to enhance the success of students.


  • Continue GAFE implementation in the district

  • Expand the 1:1 implementation for students

  • Review and update our infrastructure

  • Increase and continue teacher leadership opportunities

District Goal 3

To continue to promote positive perceptions of the district through improved communications at all levels of the school community.


  • Continue to review policies and regulations throughout the year

  • Continue and grow the district and schools’ character education program

  • Increase and continue teacher leadership opportunities

  • Explore and refine our updated website and use of social media

  • Continue to review and communicate about the Code of Conduct

District Goal 4

To continue to develop a long-range facilities plan that balances program needs with the financial constraints of the budget.