North Plainfield School District

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North Plainfield Gifted and Talented Program
Welcome to Mrs. Crawford's Webpage!  
Would you like your child tested for the North Plainfield Gifted and Talented Inspiration Program?  Nomination letters will be sent out to all elementary students in grades 1-5 in late April.  They need to be returned as soon as possible so testing dates can be scheduled.  Upon receipt, your child's teacher will be notified of these dates.  Results will be compiled in the summer using multiple measures and families will be notified of these results by September 2017.
   All students in the Inspiration program are required to submit a yearly independent project.  This year the title is iTeach as each student will be responsible to teach his/her peers a concept, how to, idea, or skill of their choice. 
Monday - Second Grade 8:45-10:45
Tuesday - Fifth Grade 8:45-11:15 
Wednesday - Sixth Grade 8:45-11:15
Thursday - Third Grade 8:45-11:15
Friday - Fourth Grade 8:45-11:15 
All kindergarten and first grade students are taught on a rotating basis. 
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