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Proclamation honoring Dr. Marilyn E. Birnbaum



WHEREAS, Dr. Marilyn E. Birnbaum, Superintendent of Schools in the North Plainfield School District, has indicated that she wishes to retire on July 1, 2014; and


WHEREAS she has served with distinction the district, students, and community of North Plainfield for 43 years; and


WHEREAS she has progressed through the positions of substitute teacher, teacher, coach, mentor, supervisor, assistant superintendent, and, since 1995, has been an exemplary educational leader and chief school administrator; and


WHEREAS she has displayed unflagging dedication to education and the academic achievement of all North Plainfield students, and has developed long-term personal relationships with administrators, staff, students, and families, serving them all with compassion and empathy; and


WHEREAS she has endured multiple referenda and altered schedules to improve the physical environment for the education of all North Plainfield students, having guided the district and community through the difficulties of meeting the needs of a growing and changing population while every day - during sunshine, tornados, super storms, blizzards or construction – considering the best interests and safety of all North Plainfield staff and students; and


WHEREAS she has promoted the North Plainfield School District continually and vigorously through her organizational memberships, professional affiliations, numerous published articles, and the Rutgers University School of Graduate Education, bringing recognition and positive regard for both the district and community; and


WHEREAS she has worked in concert with the Board of Education and recommended Personnel, Curriculum, Instruction, and Pupil Services; and Finance, Purchasing and Agreements which always have been for the betterment of the district and student achievement; and


WHEREAS she has proven to be a true role model of “character” through her integrity, loyalty, and devotion and has been the steady, guiding hand for the “family” she nurtured in the North Plainfield School District; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED that the Board of Education extend to Dr. Birnbaum its deeply felt gratitude and appreciation for all the years of service and demonstrated love she has given the community and especially the North Plainfield School District; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be placed in the official minutes of the public meeting of the North Plainfield Board of Education on February 19, 2014; and


NOW, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, with a very heavy heart and wishes for all the best that life has to offer in her future endeavors, I ask that we have a MOTION that the Board of Education approves the Superintendent’s request to retire from the North Plainfield School District.




Date:                 February 19, 2014