Cursive Handwriting


    Learning to write in cursive handwriting is one of the highlights of third grade. The links on this page will show you the correct formation of each cursive letter. Please practice writing at home and remember to practice writing the letters the proper way. PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT! If you practice incorrectly, you will always write incorrectly.

    When I teach cursive I do not go in alphabetical order. Instead, I teach letters with similar strokes. KidsZone.ws has a great way to group the letters to make learning easy and fun!


     185   Sometimes it's helpful to see how to write in cursive. These links will do just that! Take some time to watch a model of how to write a letter. Remember, write slowly and think about what you are writing. Pay attention to how your letters are connecting. "O" is the only lowercase vowel that connects at the top. If you don't know how to do this, just ask!

    Cursive Handwriting APPS
    Many students have access to touch screen surfaces such as: tablets (i.e. IPADS), smart phones, IPOD touch, etc. at home. The free apps below are a great way to practice your cursive handwriting using your touch screen surface. These Apps can be downloaded (for free) through the APP Marketplace on your device.
     Marketplace on your device.
     5 Apps to Help Kids Write in Cursive  5 Apps to Help Kids Write in Cursive