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    A certified school nurse is on-site during the school day.  
    If the Middle School Nurse is out of the office/building, students with emergencies or a need for medication may report to the high school nurse.

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    When Should Your Student Stay Home From School?

    Students should stay home from school (and may be sent home from school) for the following reasons:

    ·         Temperature of 99.6 or above

    ·         Persistent cough

    ·         Excessive eye discharge

    ·         Vomiting

    ·         Rash

    ·         Diarrhea

    ·         Swollen Glands

    ·         Sore throat
    ·         Severe pain          
    Children with active impetigo, ringworm, or scabies will be excluded from school, except when the infection is limited to an area that can be covered and when the child is under treatment with a doctor's note.
    Students with a fever must be kept home one day (24 hours) after the temperature returns to normal. 

    Students with vomiting/diarrhea
    must remain at home until they have not had an episode of vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours.

    Items of Note

    ·         If a student feels ill, he/she must secure a pass from the classroom teacher to report to the health office. Should a student become ill between classes, he/she is required to report to the next regularly scheduled class and obtain a pass from the teacher.  Parents will be contacted each time your child is treated by the nurse.  If the student is being sent home, the parent must bring an ID to sign a student out of school.

    ·         The elevator/chair lift may be used by students with an injury or disability. A note from a physician indicating the need must be presented to the school nurse. Students must also have a note from their physician to use crutches in school.

    ·         No medication, prescription or non-prescription, is given in the school unless the student's physician completes the school’s medication policy form which allows the school nurse to dispense medicine. Cough drops are not dispensed.

    ·         It is recommended that every student receive a physical exam by his/her private doctor annually.   A physical exam is required when a student enters the school district.

    ·         All Athletes are required to have a comprehensive physical examination. The director of athletics provides the forms for these physicals; these forms are also available on this website. The physician must complete the required NJSIAA physical form or the student is not eligible to participate in the sport. The physical must be within 364 days of the first day of practice. 



    Chapter 150 of the Public Laws of 1974 changed the status relating to immunization requirements for all students in New Jersey schools.    Any student lacking required immunizations will be notified by mail and given one month to meet the requirement. Failure to comply will result in exclusion from school. 

    Any immunization given to a student must be reported to the school nurse so that the student’s medical record is accurate.

    Vaccine Schedule Children 7-18years
    Vacunas recomendadas para los niños de los 7 años hasta los 18 años de edad