North Plainfield School District


    K – 6


    This list was created as a guide or suggestion of books to read.  Any book by the listed authors will be appropriate, or you may select any other fiction or non-fiction book of your choice.








    Bridwell, Norman          Clifford (series)

    Bruel, Nick                    Bad Kitty (series)

    Capucilli, Alyssa           Biscuit  (series)

    Carle, Eric                               The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Christelow, Eileen                   Five Little Monkeys (series)

    Crews, Donald                        Freight Train

    Cronin, Doreen                        Click, Clack, Moo

    Fleming, Denise                      In the Small, Small Pond

    Martin, Bill                    Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

    Shannon, David                      No, David!

    Shaw, Nancy                           Sheep on a Ship

    Slate, Joseph                           Miss Bindergarten (series)

    Trapani, Iza                             The Itsy Bitsy Spider

    Willems, Mo                            Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus




    Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes                 398.8








    Grade 1



    Cronin, Doreen                        Diary of a Fly

    DePaola, Tomie                       Strega Nona

    Eastman, P. D.                        Are You My Mother?

    Falconer, Ian                           Olivia (series)

    Gibbons, Gail                          Fire! Fire!

    Howe, James                                  Horace and Morris But Mostly Dolores

    Jenkins, Steve                          Big and Little

    Jenkins, Steve                      What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

    Lobel, Arnold                          Frog and Toad (series)

    London, Jonathan               Froggy

    Munsch, Robert                      Mortimer

    Numeroff, Laura            If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

    Pilkey, Dav                    Dog Breath

    Rey, H. A.                               Curious George (series)

    Rylant, Cynthia                       Henry and Mudge (series)

    Seuss, Dr.                                The Cat in the Hat

    Wilson, Karma                        Bear Wants More

    Willems, Mo                            Elephant  and  Pig (series)      


    Grade 2


    Adamson, Thomas                  Mars

    Adler, David                            Cam Jansen and Young Cam Jansen  (series)

    Adler, David A.                       Cam Jansen ( series)

    Brown, Marc                           Arthur  (series)

    Carrick, Carol                         Patrick’s Dinosaurs

    Cazet, Denys                           Minnie and Moo (series)

    Dadey, Debbie                         Bailey School Kids (series)                        

    Cole, Joanna                            Magic School Bus  (series)

    DiCamillo, Kate                       Mercy Watson  (series)

    Kline, Suzy                            Horrible Harry (series)

    McKissack, Pat                       Goin’ Someplace Special

    Osborne, Mary Pope               Magic Tree House  (series)

    Park, Barbara                          Junie B. Jones  (series)

    Rylant, Cynthia                       Mr. Putter and Tabby  (series)

    Sharmat, Mitchell                    Gregory, the Terrible Eater

    Thaler, Mike                            Principal From the Black Lagoon  (series)


    Grade 3




    Barrows, Annie                       Ivy and Bean (series

    Blume, Judy                            Fudge  (series)

    Blume, Judy                            The Pain and the Great One (series)

    Burrows, Annie                       Ivy and Bean (series)

    Child, Lauren                          Clarice Bean  (series)

    Christopher, Matt                   The Dog That Pitched a No-Hitter

    Cleary, Beverly                       The Mouse and the Motorcycle (series)

    Cleary, Beverly                       Ramona  (series)

    Clements, Andrew                   The Report Card

    Holms,  Jennifer                      Babymouse (graphic novel series)

    Krulik, Nancy                      Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo  (series)

    Pennypacker, Sara              Clementine (series)

    Polacco, Patricia                     Thundercake

    Preller, James                          Jigsaw Jones  (series)

    Prelutsky, Jack                        The Dragons are Singing Tonight

    Prelutsky, Jack                        My dog May Be a Genius

    Roy, Ron                                 A to Z Mysteries  (series)

    Sczieska, Jon                           Time Warp Trio  (series)

    Van Allsburg, Chris                 Probuditi!

    Van Draanen, W.                  Shredderman







    Folktales, fairy tales, tall tales   398.2-398.24

    Gibbons, Gail                                  Dogs

    Poetry Books                                811

    Simon, Seymour                             Stars

    Wellsbacher, Anne                          Lions





    Grade 4




    Avi                                          No More Magic

    Avi                                          Poppy

    Blume, Judy                            Fudge (series)

    Dahl, Roald                             The BFG

    DiTerlizzi, Tony                      Spiderwick Chronicles (series)

    Giff, Patricia Reilly                  Kids of the Polk Street School (series)

    Giff, Patricia Reilly              Pictures of Hollis Woods

    Hershey, Mary                     My Big sister Is So Bossy     

    Krulik, Nancy                          Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo (series)

    MacLachlan, Patricia               Sarah, Plain and Tall (series)

    McDonald, Megan                   Judy Moody (series)

    Paterson, Katherine                 Come sing, Jimmy Jo

    Paterson, Katherine                 The Great Gilly Hopkins

    Robinson, Barbara                  The Best School Year Ever

    Sachar, Louis                        Wayside School  (series)

    Stine, R. L.                              Goosebumps (series)

    Warner, Gertrude C.                Boxcar Children (series)

    Weeks, Sarah                          Oggie Cooder

    Wright, Betty Ren                   Princess For a Week






    Bishop, Nic                           Books about spiders, frogs, marsupials  500’s

    Joke and riddle books    793.7

    Poetry Books                 811

    Silverstein, Shel                      A Light in the Attic  811



    Grade 5





    Green, Tim                              Football Genius

    Gutman, Dan                           The Million Dollar Kick

    Hautman, Pete                         Snatched (Bloodwater Mysteries)

    Holm, Jennifer L.           Penny from Heaven

    Korman, Gordon           Swindle

    Myracle, Lauren                      Eleven

    Napoli, Donna Jo          Bound

    O’Connor, Barbara                 How to Steal a Dog

    Paratore, Coleen Murtagh       Mack McGinn’s Big Win

    Paterson, Katherine                 The Day of the Pelican

    Riordan, Rick                          The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson series)

    Selznick, Brian                        The Invention of Hugo Cabret 

    Stead, Rebecca                        First Light  

    Velmans, Hester            Isabel of  the Whales

    Woodson, Jacqueline               Hush




    Brown, Don                            Let It Begin Here! : April 19, 1775: The Day

                                                    The Revolution Began

    Graham, Ian                            You Wouldn’t Want To Work on the              

    Railroad:  A Track You’d Rather Not Go Down            (series)

    Hillman, Ben                           How Big Is It?

    Laffon, Martin                         The Book of How

    Oxlade, C.                               The Top Ten Inventions That Changed The   World   (The Top Ten series)

    Prelutsky, Jack                        My Dog May Be A Genius

    Slavin, Bill                              Transformed:  How Everyday Things Are Made

    Steward, Gail B.                      Area 51 (Mysterious Encounters series)

    Waxman, Laura                       Coretta Scott King

    Waxman, Laura                       Jane Goddall






    Grade 6





    Bruchac, Joseph                      Skeleton Man

    Choldenko, Gennifer               Al Capone Shines My Shoes

    Curtis, Christopher Paul         Elijah of Buxton

    De Guzman, Michael               Finding  Stinko

    Flanagan, John                        The Ranger’s Apprentice: Book 1: The Ruins of Gorlan

    Ford, Michael                          Birth of a Warrior (Spartan Quest series)

    Gutman, Dan                           Satch & Me (Baseball Card series)

    Grandits, John                         Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems

    Hillman, Ben                            How Strong Is It?

    Landy, Derek                           Skulduggery Pleasant   

    Levine, Gail Carson                 Fairest

    Lord, Cynthia                          Rules

    Lupica, Mike                           Heat

    Napoli, Donna Jo          Fire in the Hills

    Patron, Susan                          The Higher Power of Lucky

    Potter, Ellen                            Olivia Kidney and the Secret Beneath the City

    Rinaldi, Ann                            The Redheaded Princess

    Spinelli, Jerry                          Milkweed

    St. John, Lauren            Dolphin Song

    Stead, Rebecca                        When You Reach Me










    Arnold, Nick                           The Stunning Science of Everything:  Science With the Squishy Bits Left In

    Burns, Jan                               Crop Circles (Wonders of the World series)

    Fleischman, Sid                       Escape!: The Story of the Great Houdini

    Grandits, John                         Blue Lipstick:  Concrete Poems

    Holzer, Harold                         The President is Shot!:  The Assassination of  Abraham Lincoln

    Manning, Mick                        Greek Hero

    Miller, Brandon Marie   Growing Up in Revolution and the New


    O’Brien, Patrick                      Sabertooth

    O’Connor, Jane                       The Emperor’s Silent Army:  Terracotta  Warriors of Ancient China

    Schlitz, Laura Amy                 Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!

    Scieszka, Jon                           Knucklehead:  Tall Tales & Mostly True Stories About Growing Up Scieszka

    Sutcliffe, Jane                          Helen Keller        

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