Teacher Biography

    I am in my 26th year of teaching  at Stony Brook  and have been in teaching for 34 years.   I have also worked for several corporations in various capacities.     I received my BA from Kean in English and Education, and my MA in Teaching Strategies from Marygrove.   My teaching experience ranges from nursery (age 2 1/2) to high school.   At Stony Brook, I have taught fifth grade, first grade, and am currently academic support in grades kindergarten and 2.  I am married for 36 years, have two beautiful, grown-up children, and three wonderful grandsons.  In December of this year, I am so excited to announce, we will welcome our fourth grandson.     My husband and both my children attended Stony Brook.  My son is also a teacher, currently teaching Middle School Social Studies in the Hillside school district.
        In my "spare" time, I enjoy gardening, reading,  crocheting, embroidery, needlepoint,  and spending time with my grandchildren.  I love to see former students when they come to Stony Brook to visit.   It is also my great pleasure to hear from many former students via email and letters.  Keep them coming!
    A special message to several former students who are currently deployed: I think of you and send you good thoughts every day!   You make us proud every day!  Thank you for your service!
    I welcome back our 1st through 4th graders, and extend a hearty welcome to our incoming Kindergarteners  and their parents.  I am looking forward to seeing you all and working with you this year.