• st.rose
    My Leadership Philosophy

    It is an honor to be serving as the principal of Somerset School. In this capacity, I embrace numerous roles and responsibilities; but of most important to me is to establish a climate conducive to meeting the social, intellectual, emotional, and academic needs of students while simultaneously ensuring an upbeat, productive, and professional staff environment.

    It is my mission to make each and every individual who walks through the building feel safe foremost and also valued, appreciated, and respected. I expect that everyone including myself comes here with a positive attitude, great enthusiasm and passion, and the energy to make an impact. I will not tolerate negative expressions towards any member of our community.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that a principal is often responsible for the attitudes that come through the building; therefore, I will do everything in my control to make this positive. I will make an effort to spend each day visiting classrooms, interacting with students and staff, examining school related data, monitoring hallways, listening to concerns, and being responsive to the needs of our school.

    It is important that Somerset School maintains a child-centered approach to teaching which utilizes and promotes student learning in all of the grade levels and forms the foundation for all instructional delivery.  I believe that the Eight Intelligences research and practices should be used as our staff works with parents to discover each child's special abilities and nurture success in those areas. Frequent and on-going parent communication is always emphasized and encouraged.

    It is my daily “walk” I should observe an environment that respects students and their efforts, values the work of the professionals in this building, and admires the sacrifice of our parents. All members of our community will be treated with respect and dignity. Any one who can not adhere to these standards will be jeopardizing their welcome here at Somerset School.