North Plainfield School District

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 Voicing Concerns and Resolving Issues

In accordance with Board Policy #9323 the following procedures are to be followed regarding either voicing concerns or attempting to resolve an issue.


  1. School Level- Procedures for dealing with concerns and issues on this level start first with the teacher or staff involved. The next level if not resolved is to the building Principal for further review and consultation. If still not resolved to both parties satisfaction the next level for review and discussion will be the Superintendent of School or designee.
  2. District Level Curricular - Procedures for dealing with concerns and issues related to curriculum and or activities should first be directed to the building principal who will contact the supervisor for that particular subject or activity area. Discussions with these individuals would focus on district wide concerns.
  3. District Level Facilities - Procedures for dealing with concerns and issues related to the safety and or facilities in the district should first be addressed with the Director of Facilities and Grounds. If this is not satisfied the next level would be to bring the issue to the attention of the Superintendent. 


In all three cases if the concerns and or issues are not resolved to the party’s satisfaction they may be forwarded in writing to the attention of the President of the Board of Education for final discussion and review. Additionally e-mail can be sent to the district. Communication to the Board of Education may be relayed via email by contacting the Superintendent of Schools at



 Members of the community who are unable to attend the Board meeting, but who would like to communicate with the Board may do so by sending a letter to


Board Secretary

North Plainfield Public Schools

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