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Meet the Board

Please Note: The public may send e-mails to individual Board members, but as individuals, they have no authority to respond on the Board's behalf. Board members are not required to acknowledge receipt of such e-mails nor are they obliged to respond to e-mail correspondence. If the proper chain of command has not been followed, the matter will be referred to the proper staff member as per the District's chain of command chart.

In an effort for the public to have a clear understanding of the chain of command throughout the school district, we have it posted under the Parent Tab on our website. It may be also accessed on the hyperlink below.

Chain of Communication

Other Officials

  • Michelle Aquino, Ed.D., Superintendent
  • Filipe Luis, Assistant Superintendent
  • Pamela Graziano, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary
  • Eileen Rogalski, Treasurer
  • Dennis McKeever, Board Attorney