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Service Learning

What is Service Learning?

Service learning is an act of service coupled with learning. It is important to note that acts of service alone do not qualify as service learning. Service learning projects need to incorporate a learning component that can be connected to curriculum, and the results can have far-reaching benefits. With service learning, students learn through an authentic, meaningful experience while making a positive contribution to their world. In doing this, the sense of community is strengthened, good citizenship is developed and those involved come away with a profound feeling of accomplishment. Service learning projects tap into our natural affinity to "help out", resulting in higher levels of enthusiasm and motivation for all involved. What is the difference between Service Learning and Community Service? This quote helps answer that question: "The class assignment had been to take an issue that we had addressed in class, conduct research, develop a solution, and then implement the solution in the community."

Why Do Service Learning?

  • Builds character
  • Develops civic responsibility
  • Aids learning by making connections outside the classroom
  • Increases student motivation
  • Creates a positive view of youth by the community

How Can I Get Started?

The easiest way to initiate a service learning project is to seek out a need or opportunity for service (children should be involved in this step!). It is helpful to note that service learning could apply to our school community, the local surrounding community, the national community, or even global issues. The information below can be helpful as you explore this positive, philanthropic endeavor.