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Dual Language Academy

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Dual Language Academy is a dual language immersion educational model where children learn to think, read, write, and communicate naturally in two languages.

English and Spanish are taught in the district using a “50-50” program model. Students spend half of the academic year learning their core academic subjects in Spanish with a Spanish-speaking teacher, and the other half learning in English with an English-speaking teacher. Research has shown that this approach is highly successful at teaching grade-level content while developing impressive levels of language proficiency in students.

The Dual Language program is housed at East End School, Stony Brook, and West End Elementary Schools!

Frequently Asked Questions

Regina Acevedo
Supervisor of ESL & World Languages

908-769-6000 ext. 3154

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"Enrolling my children in the dual language program has been my family's way of ensuring linguistic legacy in our family. Often, after immigration, a family loses their native language over time. A lot of the time it's because the conditions in schools and society at large do not favor support of a second language. You need a community to help ensure the vitality of a language's relevance and permanence. This program has afforded my children another way, outside of my solo instruction at home, to connect with their roots, their family, and an entire other world." -Patricia Ochoa-Werschulz, NPSD Parent