• North Plainfield Goals/Objectives

    2017-2018 District Goals

    • Expand our curriculum review process to inform teaching and learning more directly with an ever-enhanced living document that includes the use of unit assessments and ongoing reflection and revision, responsive to the community at large.  (Aligns with District Goal 1)   


    • Implement the Biliteracy Academy in kindergarten to support the dual language immersion program and plan for next year's first grade expansion by reviewing feedback and data to drive decision making and planning. 


    • Promote and sustain regular attendance at school to increase student achievement and to ensure positive social-emotional health and well-being for all students.  (Aligns with District Goal 1)   


    • Continue the district focus upon reading/literacy and build upon the success of Reading Workshop, applying the next steps that ensure students reach their own unique performance goals.  (Aligns with District Goal 1)  


    • Engage students at all grade levels in identifying their interests, abilities, and skills with appropriate developmental information related to careers, educational pathways, and self-knowledge, to ensure that all students graduate from high school prepared to enter college, the military or workforce, and meet the increasing demands of the 21st-century.  (Aligns with District Goal 1)    


    • Expand our 1:1 initiative with GAFE as the year progresses, so more students will have a device and technology accessible to them at all times. As teacher knowledge and implementation of GAFE increases, this will enable parents/guardians to further support his/her their students in on their educational journey.  (Aligns with District Goal 2)   


    • Continue to grow school pride across the district through a review and maintain a school environment to maximize student engagement and learning to increase academic, social and emotional success.  (Aligns with District Goal 3)   


    • Continue and expand opportunities to maximize awareness of the NPSD school district to present our strengths accurately to internal as well as external audiences.  (Aligns with District Goal 3)  



    District Goal 1 - To continue to improve upon the level of educational excellence for everyone.

    District Goal 2 - To continue to incorporate technology into the educational process to enhance the success of students.

    District Goal 3 - To continue to promote positive perceptions of the district through improved communications at all levels of the school community.

    District Goal 4 - To continue to develop a long-range facilities plan that balances program needs with the financial constraints of the budget