• Nazi Era Eugenics in Poland


    While the Nazi’s conducted secret euthanasia programs inside of Germany, Members of the SS, the Protective Squadron, headed by Heinrich Himmler, were terrorizing or eliminating perceived biological threats in Nazi occupied Poland.




    Himmler was in charge of overseeing the restructuring of Poland to a nation of manual workers set to serve their German “masters”. Nazi plans called for the elimination of Poland’s political and education leaders through mass executions or imprisonment. The Germans also began deporting the Polish Jewish and Roma populations out of areas that were occupied by Nazi officials.



    Germans felt that the Polish people and other eastern Jews were actually “subhuman”. From the fall of 1939 to the summer of 1941, the Nazis concentrated almost two million Jewish people in towns and cities and then segregated them into walled off sections and ghettos.



    Some of this push to create sealed ghettos in Warsaw and other cities came from the German public health officials who falsely linked the Jewish people to the spread of diseases.



    The Nazi radical Eugenics ideas culminated in the near annihilation of the European Jewish population. The “Final Solution” to the Jewish threat in Europe began as special guards of SS and police followed German forces into the Soviet Union and killed more than one million Jewish people in open air shootings. The psychological stress of this was detrimental to German soldiers and Heinrich Himmler was forced to seek a “more efficient” method of carrying out the “Final Solution”.



    The idea of Death Camps was created and nearly two million people, mostly Polish Jewish people were transported from Ghettos and other facilities around Poland and Germany to be murdered at sites like Belzec, Chelmno and Treblinka.

    A memorial at Treblinka, each stone represents a Jewish town or city, the population of which was exterminated at the camp 
    Symbolic concrete blocks mark the path of the former railway line at Treblinka 
    At Auschwitz – Birkenau, more than one million Jewish people perished. Nazi doctors selected strong adults for forced labor, and used both adults and children in Eugenic and genetic research experiments.
    Block 10, the medical experimentation block