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Crisis Management

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The following outlines our crisis management/emergency response plans as well as our procedures for emergency school closings, delayed openings, and early dismissals.

Proactive Approach to Crisis Management
For several years we have had crisis management/emergency response plans. The plan covers natural disasters, technological disasters, and national security crises and also details evacuation and lockdown procedures. Our district and building crisis management (CM) teams, the police department, and appropriate borough/county emergency management personnel review these plans periodically. In fact, our district CM team developed a flipchart so that staff members have simple, easy access to the appropriate procedures.

Weather and Emergency Closings, Delayed Openings, and Early Dismissals
If the weather or an emergency forces us to close schools, we shall notify families via the district’s automated phone system. In addition, we shall attempt to have announcements made by the local radio/television stations: WBUD (FM-101.5/AM-1260); WCTC (FM-98.3/AM 1450); Community Radio Station (AM-1630); WCBS-TV (Channel 2); WNBC-TV (Channel 4); WABC-TV (Channel 7); Fox-TV (Channel 5); News 12 NJ-Comcast TV (Channel 62). You may also call the school for a taped announcement or check the district website: ( Announcements will be made between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Delayed Openings
When a delayed opening is required, announcements are made over the stations listed above. Schools open at 10:00 AM when there is a delayed opening. Grades K-12 are dismissed at the regularly scheduled times. When we have a delayed opening, the breakfast program is not offered. The regular lunch program is offered, but the menu may be modified.

Special Education Classes
Parents of special education children who are transported to school will receive separate information from the Department of Transportation.

Gifted and Talented Program
G&T classes are canceled on delayed opening days.

Early Dismissals
If there is an early dismissal, announcements are made over the radio stations listed above. Parents must make arrangements for their children to have an alternate location to which they can go if for any reason children should be sent home after they reach school. Unless the parent is notified in advance, we shall very seldom send children home after they reach school, but they should know where to go if schools are closed early due to an emergency. Should a serious storm or a disaster develop during the school day, your child will probably be safest in school.

When potentially dangerous conditions exist, the Superintendent of Schools consults with the police and/or the borough’s emergency management team who are in contact with the appropriate county and state agencies. The Superintendent attempts to make a decision in the best interest of the entire district. The parent is responsible for the final decision about whether a child should be in school. If you decide to pick up your child, you must contact the principal’s office. Arrangements will then be made with the “greeter” at the building’s entrance. Students will be released only to parents or those adults identified on the emergency card/form.**

Lockdown/Emergency Sites
While the parent is responsible for the final decision about whether a child should be in school, the police, with direction from homeland security advisors, have the authority to order a lockdown that will require us to keep the children in school. In that case, the police will advise you when you will be able to enter the building. If we are required to keep your child for an extended period of time, the school district is prepared to do so. We also have alternative emergency sites in case we need to evacuate from our school buildings.

**Emergency Card/Form
If you have not already done so, please provide your emergency card/form information to your child’s building principal or nurse. It is critical that all names and telephone numbers are CURRENT. Please review your emergency contact plan with your child and make sure that your child knows where to go if we must release students early and you are not at home.

Cell Phones
Students may be in possession of a cell phone in school, but the phones must be turned off during the school day and kept out of sight. If a student is found to have the phone displayed, on or in use during the school day, the cell phone will be taken away. The matter will then be forwarded to the principal/assistant principal for disciplinary action.

Just a reminder:
Please observe the following regarding arrival and dismissal of students:

  1. Children should arrive no earlier than five minutes before they start school.
  2. Children not participating in after-school programs should leave the school grounds immediately after dismissal.
  3. Children should not be left unattended on school grounds. The school district does not provide before and after-school childcare.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.
Superintendent of Schools