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By John Donnelly

John Connelly


If you asked most people what freedom meant to them, they would probably give you some long complicated answer.   I’m not here to do that.  I’m here to tell you what freedom means to me, straight forward without beating around the bush.  2,362 the number of U.S. soldiers who died in Afghanistan.  2,362 lives gone forever so we don’t have to live in fear of other countries.  It just goes to show that everything in life has a price and everyone has to pay sooner or later.  To me freedom means sacrifice and paying the ultimate price for others.  An example of fighting for your right to freedom is the American Revolution.  Soldiers went into battle with the mindset of live free or die trying.  During World War II the Axis posed a great threat to America and other Allied forces.  Soldiers went in knowing that they were the thin line between total annihilation of their homelands and freedom for all.

                  Aside from sacrifice there is one more important thing that relates to freedom that I want to touch upon, Bravery.  Didn’t you ever notice that the Star Spangled Banner states that and I quote, “For the land of the free and the home of the brave”.  I think something this has to do with is that only the brave would have the courage to stand up and demand for freedom or anything else.  It also takes bravery to fight for something if you know it’s right.  The British S.A.S special operations group motto is, “Who dares wins”, and this is saying that those who dare to do something always come out on top.  Without bravery there would be no sacrifice because no one would be willing to sacrifice their life for something they know is worth dying for.  All in all that is my overlook on what freedom means to me and why I think what I think, thank you.